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luxury-gourmet-hotels-amalfi-coastChef Michele Deleo Executive Chef of Palazzo Avino’s and Rossellinis Restaurant
“Cooking is love and passion”… This is the motto of Michele Deleo, Palazzo Avino’s new Executive Chef.
Deleo is known for assembling some of the best culinary teams on the Amalfi Coast and in the state of Campania.
His culinary elaborations fuse local seasonal ingredients with creative contemporary cooking techniques.

Born in Torre del Greco, Campania, and recognized as one of the state’s most important chefs, Deleo joined Palazzo Avino in 2013 and brings with him a wealth of knowledge from distinctive restaurants both abroad and nationally.
Deleo’s culinary experiences include notable tenures in Switzerland, France and England. He collaborated with Le Crillon des Gourmets (two Michelin Stars) in Paris, the Tantris (three Michelin Stars) in Munich and at Le Gavroche (2 Michelin Stars) in London and again in Paris at Le Côte d’Or du Saulieu (3 Michelin Stars) and the Astrance (2 Michelin stars).

After Deleo’s impressive time aboard he longed to return to his beloved Italy and in 2001 his desire became reality. Upon his return recognition for his acclaimed culinary ability followed as he was awarded one Michelin star while at the Restaurant Il Buco in Sorrento and later at L’Accanto in Seiano.

We are honored to now have the highly praised and gifted Michele Deleo as Executive Chef of Palazzo Avino’s and Rossellinis Restaurant.

Rossellinis Restaurant

The Restaurant has just been awarded with very high ratings in all major Italian guides. These accolades mirror the endless passion our team has for offering the best culinary experience possible.

The restaurant is closed from the November to March. During the season, Rossellinis is open for dinner only. For an unforgettable authentic and creative Italian meal, look no further! Guests can choose from myriad delectable dishes ‘a-la-carte’ or set tasting menus. Rossellinis features handpicked regional wines that can be carefully paired with each serving.

Donato Marzolla, our Restaurant Manager, and his team will accompany you throughout your meal with friendly, attentive and unobtrusive service.