Luxury Hotels Piedmont Ideas: staying in a castle

Luxury Hotels Piedmont Ideas: some stunning castles where you can stay and soak up the atmosphere of the ancient building, sleeping within historical walls and discovering incredible legends. 

Castello Di Pavone

Via Dietro Castello, 10018 Pavone Canavese
Pavone Castle is within reach of the A5 TO-AO motorway which is 500 metres away.
It is one of the most beautiful historic buildings in Italy, and it is one of the most breathtaking fairy-tale castles in the world.
Pavone Castle’s ancient, strong walls enclose a stunning inner courtyard with the suggestive Well of Mysteries (Pozzo dei Misteri), impressive rooms and the lush Rose Garden (Giardino delle Rose).
Pavese Castle lies at the top of the village offering breathtaking views.
The Giodice Family restored the castle, which is now a stunning hotel offering cutting-edge facilities to meet even the most discerning customer’s expectations.