Luxury lake Maggiore Holiday Rentals

Luxury lake Maggiore holiday rentals – discovering Isolino Virginia.
Rent a luxury villa, a boutique hotel in Lake Maggiore and you’ll be in the perfect situation for exploring the neighbouring region of Piedmont. Isolino Virginia is a must see few kilometers away from Lake Maggiore on Lake Varese. During your luxury holiday on Lake Maggiore you can bump into some hidden treasures you wouldn’t expect and that reflect the cultural patrimony of this enchanted region. It’s Your chance to see the very first wood houses in the history of humankind.

Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees

Corso Umberto 1°, 28838 Stresa, Italia

luxury-lake-maggiore-grand-hotel-des-illes-2The Grand Hotel des Iles Borromees is located in Stresa, it lies on the shores of lake Maggiore and combines sumptuous elegance and tradition with the charm of the Italian luxury Grand Hotels.
This small piece of paradise is close to Milano and it is easy to reach from the most important airports of northern Italy: Malpensa airport and Linate airport.


Grand Hotel Majestic

Via V.Veneto, 32 28922 Verbania Piemonte – Italy

small-luxury-hotel-lake-maggiore-majestic-1Built in 1870, the Grand Hotel Majestic in Verbania is a stunning example of renewed Belle Époque architecture that welcomes guests into its refined and elegant environment while enjoying an enchanting view of the Borromeo Gulf.


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Luxury Italy: Lake Varese is a paradise for bikers.

Perfect place for bikers Lake Varese (there are also a few places where you can rent one) or your own feet – besides, this will allow you to enjoy the experience even more.
Starting here is definitely a good choice especially in summertime and during the weekend, though, when the bike path tends to be very crowded; this is a quieter spot, much better if you are in search of some peaceful moments or when you’re totally absorbed in your sports performance!
Isolino Virginia: the first pile-dwelling settlements UNESCO site: “Palafitte dell’arco alpino” The Isolino Virginia on the lake of Varese is among the oldest Neolithic settlement. This islet has a triangular shape and about 9.200 sm of surface. It has been inhabited from the Neolithic to the end of the Bronze era. Since 1863 it has been one of the renowned European prehistoric site and has been studied since the first half of 1800 and even recently during 1950 and 1980. Some researches by the monk Stoppani revealed one of the most important pile-dwelling sites of Europe. There is a historical museum, with workshops and visits on demand. The Isolino Virginia is reachable by boat from Biandronno (Strencia).

Luxury Italy: Bodio and Cadrezzate

In Varese province the settlements of Bodio and Cadrezzate are part of UNESCO sites with in the transnational site “Palafitte dell’arco alpino” (Switzerland, together with Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Slovenia). The piles are a testimony of the lifestyle of the first farmers of centre Europe from the Copper age to the first half of the Iron Age (from 5000 to 800 B.C.). The site includes 111 pile-dwelling villages: in Lombardy there is the oldest pile known until nowadays, on lake Varese, while on the shores of lake Garda there are a great number of these piles. Due to their characteristics, the piles are very rich and hidden heritage, very delicate and hard to be promoted. UNESCO has helped to increase the protection of these areas and to allow the visits.