Romantic Weekend Getaways to Lake Como

Romantic Weekend Getaways to Lake Como, Italy

5 things to do during your Romantic Weekend Getaway to Lake Como
6. Visit Villa Carlotta
7. Villa Olmo by Night
8. Go to Brunate hand in hand in the funicular and enjoy a spectacular view over Lake Como
9. Go to Faro Voltiano on foot
10. Go to Cernobbio by boat
1. Visit the charming Villa Carlotta

1. A visit to the charming Villa Carlotta

The Villa was built at the end of the 12th century under the supervision of the Milanese marquis Giorgio Clerici, who decided to surround it with an attractive Italian style garden featuring beautiful fountains and sculptures.
At the beginning of 19th century, the Villa was bought by Gian Battista Sommariva and since then the villa has been adorned with masterpieces by Canova, Hayez and Thorvaldsen, becoming a real jewel on Lake Como. Sommariva’s heirs sold the villa in 1843 to Princess Marianne of Nassau who gave the Villa to Carlotta (her daughter) as a present on the occasion of her marriage to George II, duke of Sachsen Meiningen. George II was very passionate about botanics and enhanced its Italian style garden. Villa Carlotta is home to one of the most majestic and harmonious examples of a botanical garden still existing in Italy.

2. Discovering Villa Olmo, 15 minutes away from Como

Villa Olmo was commissioned by Innocenzo Odelaschi and named after an ancient elm tree. The Villa was designed by the architect Simone Cantoni in 1797. Successive owners extended the Villa and Villa Olmo is now a huge property with a 90-seat theatre, a chapel, an Italian style garden and an elegant English park open to the public. The interior is beautifully decorated and frescoed. Today Villa Olmo is owned by Como council. The Villa is the site of the Alessandro Volta Centre for Scientific Study where international conferences and important exhibitions are held.

3. Walk through the history of Como: Brunate and its funicular

We suggest a pleasant excursion to Brunate with the funicular.
The excursion will take about two hours. From Piazza de Gasperi the cable railway takes 6 minutes to reach Brunate Village where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Como, the Lake, the Alps and also Mount Rosa. The cable railway opened in 1894 and was a symbol of public transport development in Como, which is very important due to its geographical position between Italy and Europe.
Once there, you can enjoy some interesting walks: Pisarottino Fountan, with a view over Lake Como and Monte Rosa or San Maurizio and Voltian Beacon are only a few minutes away. For those who love walking, we suggest going back to Como on foot; the stimulating walk takes about three hours passing by Eremo S. Donato.

4. A day trip to Faro Voltiano

Just above Brunate (a quiet village with stunning views) is Faro Voltiano, the Volta Beacon and San Maurizio.
After arriving at Brunate by the cable railway (funicular) take the path to Volta lighthouse and San Maurizio. Faro Voltiano was built in 1927 to commemorate the centenary of Volta’s death. San Maurizio is about 1 km from Brunate.
There is minibus service that can take you from Brunate to San Maurizio, but the walk is very easy. The walk finishes with beautiful views from San Maurizio.
Don’t forget to bring your camera!

5. Getting to Cernobbio by boat

Getting to Cernobbio by boat. The boats leave from the “Navigazione Laghi” dock right in front of Piazza Cavour. Cernobbio is a holiday resort made famous by Villa D’Este, the luxurious 5-star hotel on the lake.
The boat will take you to a beautiful terrace on the lake where you can wander around and admire Villa D’Este which is a short distance away. You can also visit the charming historic centre of Cernobbio on foot, which dates back to the 13th century. If you prefer to arrive in Cernobbio by car, you can do so by choosing the Regina state road, it is the first village you arrive at from Como.

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