Romantic Weekend in Portovenere, Liguria

Famous for its colourful houses, it is the town where nature, the sea and art come together.

Romantic Weekend in Portovenere: Portovenere is called the “harbour of love”, It is a well-known and charming village on the Gulf of La Spezia. Famous for its colourful houses, it is the town where nature, the sea and art come together.

The Golfo della Spezia (Gulf of La Spezia) is romantically called the gulf of poets, it has been mentioned by Dante, Virgil, Montale, Byron and many other famous poets. A memorial plaque is dedicated to Byron to commemorate his celebrated voyage from Portovenere to Lerici.

In the centre of the Gulf of La Spezia is the Portovenere headland which takes its name from the ancient sanctuary immortalised by Botticelli’s masterpiece the Birth of Venus, Goddess of love. Porto Venere is one of the most ideal places to enjoy a romantic weekend in Liguria in northern Italy.

What is there to do in Portovenere during your romantic weekend in Liguria?

Portovenere features in the Unesco World Heritage Sites list. You will be surprised looking at the breathtaking orange and yellow houses, they seem to hold each other to protect them from the wind and the sea water. The village has so many alleys to discover one a time, together with arches which you should cross walking arm in arm.
Walk up to Via Capellini and from there up to San Pietro Church, located on the tip of the headland where the sanctuary dedicated to Venus , Goddess of love was erected in the past.
Go back to Via Capellini and from there visit the Arpaia cave, keep left up to San Lorenzo Church, which was built in the 12th century.

From there go to Doria Castle which hosts a lot of interesting art exhibitions.

Romantic weekend in Liguria amongst villages not far from Portovenere

Not far from Portovenere there are many others villages which are worth a visit: Cadimare is a charming fishing village, other villages that are worth a visit include Le Grazie with its bustling seafront, Fezzano with its history related to Simonetta Visconti, Botticelli’s model.

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